EMS Free Shipping 27.5ER MTB XC Hardtail Carbon bike frame

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Quantity: 100



    What is MCB Frame ?

    It is XC carbon frame

    It is Hardtail 27.5ER carbon frame

    It is MTB Competitive Racing carbon frame

    It is DIY High-end Mountain Bike Frame

    With MCB Frame, you can build your Perfect XC Competitive Racing MTB 27.5er Bike .



    Advantages of MCB Frame ?

    1) High Quality T700 toray carbon fiber material, make SOBATO MCB frame has Great rigidity and super light weight,  when you riding, you'll know how nice of this frame .


    2) Super light: MCB frame weight is only 1050g, because this frame is 27.5er, so it need 27.5er wheelset, do you know, 27.5er wheelset weight is very close with 26er wheelset weight, which means, the complete bike with MCB frame and 27.5er wheelset is more light than other bikes, which will help you more faster in racing .


    3) Strong Stiffness: Add Toray T800 carbon fiber layer on the Head tube and Chain stay part, which help MCB frame have great stiffness, you can ride MCB to anywhere you like .


    4) Perfect Shock-Absorbing Ability: when we are on riding, due to the road situation, there always ups and downs, which stops our speed,  now with our special design, MCB frame can absorb these shocks and help you riding more faster .


    MCB frame is designed for HIGH-SPEED, really helpful in increasing your speed and help us faster .



    Specification of MCA Frame ?

    Weave: UD

    Headset Size: Top is 1-1/8 , down is 1-1/2

    Seatpost: 27.2mm

    BB: PF30 (73MM) / BSA (73mm) / BB30 (73mm) / BB92 

    Size: 14.5'' / 16'' / 17.5'' / 19'' 

    Weight: 1000g for 17.5'' PF30 MCA Frame

    Brake Type: Disc Brake ( rear 160mm / 180mm rotor )

    Front Travel: 100mm ( MCB frame is a hardtail frame, but its also suit your 100mm front travel fork )

    Max Tire: 27.5er * 2.3



    Packing of MCA Frame ?

    1) Small size carton ( mean box) , can pack 1 piece MCB frame .

    2) Middle size carton, can pack 2 pieces MCB Frame .

    3) Large size carton, can pack 3 pieces MCB Frame .



    Shipping of MCA Frame ?

    Quantity: 1-20 pieces MCA frames

    1) In general, we'll ask EMS will ship frames to your home .

    2) For friends in EU, we'll ask XDB ship frames to your home, but XDB shipping cost is expensive, so if you want to ask XDB, then please contact us for details .


    Quantity: more than 20 pieces MCA frames,

    1) if you have Forwarder in China, then we can send frames to your Forwarder place, for details, please contact us .

    2) if you not have Forwarder in China, then our cooperate Forwarder can ship frames to you, for details, please contact us .



    Warranty of MCA Frame ?

    With correct usage, MCB frame warranty is 2 Years .

    Any questions, please do feel free contact us, we'll get back to you within 12 hours .







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